Raymond A. Guzman

For a background in the concept of groupthink, I recommend the article Groupthink: The brainstorming myth, by Jonah Lehrer in The New Yorker.

The real problem with groupthink is that it stifles creativity and innovation. It’s the problem of a group of people all latching on to an idea for the sake coming to a quick resolution, giving positive reinforcement, or supporting a person’s idea on the basis of a present relationship over the actual task at hand. Groupthink leads to un-optimal, rash, or simply un-ideal outcomes. It stifles creative by silencing the individual. If we refer back to a previous post on the concept of a winning team, we quickly realize that given our understanding of both groupthink defeats a winning team. A winning team is formed by individuals who respect one another and are capable of switching between the team role and leader role. A winning team…

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