“Scared Shitless” (Webstock 2011), Merlin Mann

A repost from raymondguzman.wordpress.com. This talk by Merlin Mann goes well with the previous post… And is maybe some rationality for the irrational.

Raymond A. Guzman

Merlin Mann is a writer, speaker, and broadcaster from San Fransisco. He is known for such things as Inbox Zero and the Hipster PDA. I have talked about both of these topics in the past. Mr. Mann’s self-proclaimed goal is to develop positive habits that allow people to be their most productive, yes, but more to the point, their most creative. If you can’t already tell, I really admire his work and you should definitely look into some of his current works and writing (MerlinMann.com).

Aside from his Inbox Zero talk at Google, “Scared Shitless” is arguably one of my favorite talks by Merlin Mann. It is simply a must watch. Merlin tells us how he learned to love to be scared of everything… you have to watch it to really get it and it’s definitely worth your time. It’s a relatively short 27 minutes or so and will most…

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