The Value of Acting on Your Definition

Today’s post from my primary blog. As you can see, I tend to intersect a lot between my various projects and insights from one tend to dive directly into another.

Raymond A. Guzman

One of the themes you can find on my other blog, Irrational Health, is the value of sincerity. For those who don’t know, I’m currently in the semi-active process of writing a book entitled Irrational Health which on the surface is an analysis of irrationalities in modern human psychology, particularly in regard to western cultures and as a promotional tool/exercise tool, I maintain a blog that discusses what will eventually be some of the major ideas presented in Irrational Health.  In meshing sincerity and the concept of value, which I discuss here, I started thinking about one other philosophical adage, if you will. Most have likely heard it before that you shouldn’t do things as a means to an end, but always as an end in themselves. This goes back to Kantian theory, morality, and his categorical imperative. You put these three things together and then you get to…

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