Have You Ever Seen A Dog Chase Its Own Tail?

Have you ever seen a dog chase its own tail? It’s likely you have. Think about what’s really happening. The dog’s attention has turned to his tail which he doesn’t identify as being apart of himself. He starts towards it and it goes away just as quickly so he ramps up his speed until he’s a blur, caught up in the act of chasing his tail. Now, while he’s in the act of the chase, nothing else matters. He’s consumed by obtaining his own tail and he’s even happy doing so, but what’s the one caveat? He will never get it.

You’re probably asking yourself what this has to do with anything. I don’t blame you. In thinking about the cycles that modern people get caught up in or rather the eventual form that countless irrational thoughts take, I’ve struggled to find a good enough analogy to capture the quintessential image of what it is I’m defining. The dog chasing its own tail is the closest analogy I’ve found. The fact is that modern people, suffering from Irrational Health (coining this as the term describing the condition modern people suffer from in which they base decisions on irrational self delusions or something of the sort) are like dogs chasing their own tails. Think about it. As people construct their imagined realities based on things that aren’t true, they begin a vicious cycle in which they’re just attempting to obtain their imagined desire as it changes at every twist and turn. It’s person chasing his/her own tail and until that person realizes that the tail is his/her own fabrication, he/she will continue to chase in vain. The question is what are you chasing and is it just your own tail.

You know… their is that one fact though. A dog is happy in the act of chasing his own tail and there is almost something there that you wouldn’t want to disturb. You wouldn’t want to take that happiness away, but the fact is that you know the dog will get tired at some point. A person will get tired at some point and people are different from animals. Eventually a person will realize that they didn’t have to chase. The real tail was there all along.

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