My Solution to the Economic Crises: Tax Unethical Acts

My solution to the economic crises is simple. Tax unethical acts. The idea is to improve both our society and economy at the same time. Not only this, but it would necessitate the creation of a whole new class of auditors, ethical auditors whose role would be to determine the severity of each unethical act, and thereby ascertain the value of the act. Think about it. What we’re talking about is charging people for ethical acts that fall below the level misdemeanors. For examplr, cheating on your partner would result in a fine equal to length of the infraction. It would be a positive revenue for the government that takes money from those who deserve it. What’s my solution? The Ethical Tax Act of 2013 charges the general public a tax on every unethical infraction. It creates a Board of Ethical Propriety as well as a group of Federal Ethical Auditors. Endorsed by IH.

P.S: Impractical? Sure, but you have to admit it makes more sense than a lot of irrationalities.

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