Who You Are, Who People Think You Are, Who You Want to Be + Who You Think You Are

In the study of psychology, there’s this concept of cognitive dissonance which refers to when a person has one or more beliefs that are conflicting. The attempt to make the two or more differing beliefs compatible causes a person unease in the form of cognitive dissonance. Whether you are  consciously attempting to rectify that cognitive dissonance or not, your subconscious will attempt to do so and at times by any means necessary. If you’ve been following along with me here, then you’re probably already guessing that irrationalities are sometimes the ways  by which the mind attempts to fix this dissonance.

There’s further this concept that defines a person in three different ways. The first definition is your own person definition you give yourself. The second is the definition other people would attribute to you and the last is the definition regarding the person you want to be. According to this psychological concept, you’re a whole person so to speak, when all three of these definitions are one in the same. When you are the person you want to be and others identify you as such, then you are a complete person, which is to say that there aren’t parts of your identity that don’t coincide with one another. In order to adapt this model to my analysis of Irrational Health, I’d add a fourth overlap, that overlap being who you think you are as differentiated by who you actually are. I think that people suffering from Irrational Health can manage to get the who they want to be part, the who people think they are, and the who they think the are to match up, but are incapable of getting the who they really are to match up with the other three. Due to the irrationalities at play in their psyche, they’re overlooking what’s arguably the most important piece of the four. They’re still incomplete. This is just another of what will be many attempts to bring to light what it is that I’m really focused on. The key is to notice that there’s something off every time. There’s one thing that just doesn’t match or add up and that will typically be the Irrational Health.