The Limit of Making The Best of Things

Irrational Health on some level is an attempt by myself to make the best of things. That’s to say that in light of everything I talk about here I do believe that its necessary sometimes to look past all of the irrationalities and attempt to draw some reason from it. You have to pull reason out of the irrationality and I know that on the surface that sounds nonsensical. Irrational Health is my attempt to do that. It’s my attempt to channel a lot of terrible irrationalities into something positive. Over the last year of my life I’ve been met with a few individuals who have turned my conception of good upside down. In a way, the only thing that they’ve left me with is the foundation behind this book so I am in a sense taking the lemons life has given me and making lemonade. There is a limit to this though.

In the same way that the axiom that says everything happens for a reason shouldn’t be used as a fallback, so shouldn’t the axiom that you should always attempt to make the best of things. It’s just a bizarre thing to go about life with the expectation that people can and will always make the best of things. It’s just another smokescreen for unjustified justifications. In the worst case scenario, it’s what a person can and maybe should choose to do, but it shouldn’t be handicap to live by. In my example, I would much rather have preferred not to be compelled to write this book. Irrational Health has a grim outlook when all is said and done. I don’t think that Sigmund Freud, Ernest Becker, or even George Orwell were excited by the prospect of writing their respective books. It’s something that you can’t overlook when you get to that place where you are looking for a channel. This book has honestly been in the works for a number of years now, but, of course, there were certain events that turned out to be the impetus that sparked the writing. In closing, I just wanted to discuss another axiom that has been semi-corrupted in the modern day and tie that into the origins of Irrational Health. That being said, you can expect the next post to go back to our my standard format of introducing a major theme from this book in progress. Till then, stay rational.