A Quote from 2012, Regarding Human Propriety

“What’s happened to simple human propriety? I mean even during times of war and conflict, opposing parties have been shown to abide by unwritten rules. Civilians, women, children, the elderly etc. are not to be involved. Prisoners of war are to be treated with a certain level of composure and returned after a conflict has ended. Resolutions following a conflict are not to completely abolish the surrendered party for the sake of future foreign relations. This is basic political theory. In our worst state of human nature, all out war, we’re capable of maintaining a certain level of proprietary. Why is it that in our private, civilian lives we can’t maintain simple human propriety? I don’t understand how it is that a person can become so self-absorbed, almost over night, to the point where everything becomes a twisted psychological reinforcement of their own selfish, unjustified behavior. It’s downright pathological and then at that point it’s not too long until that self-fulfilling prophecy manifests itself in such a way as to create the illusion that that pathological behavior satisfies propriety. Then the other relationships that that person still maintains simple human propriety with seek to solidify that person’s new disposition and everyone is worse off because of it… It’s not a difficult thing to do, to maintain simple human propriety. We do it everyday. We look at each other and attempt to jump into each other’s shoes and that elicits an emotional connection. That emotional connection influences behavior and then we act with understanding and respect for one another. Why is it then that our most coveted emotional connections are the easiest to fall pray to this problem? It’s not about conflict. It’s about the way it’s handled. It’s disturbing to realize that so many problems are just the result of a lack of an understanding of our own psychological fallacies.” Raymond Guzman, December 2012