Resiliency and Sincerity

“A man can be measured by his resiliency, yes, but resiliency without sincerity amounts to about as much getting past a mountain without remembering where you were going. A person who will stop at nothing to achieve something will inevitably amount nothing in the grand scheme of things. Sincerity gives resiliency meaning. Followup with this in the next Irrational Health post.”

This post has been long overdue. It can be considered the official two and half post of Irrational Health. Resiliency is one of those things that I believe has been butchered into some sort of tainted version of what is generally considered a positive trait. A person who can make it past a series of challenges and still have the ability to continue on is someone who will say will eventually succeed with whatever he/she is wants to achieve. The caveat is that an achievement is really only a success if you haven’t had to sacrifice who you are along the way and what people generally sacrifice is their sincerity, which is to say their genuine interest in the cost. They’ve cut corners, moral boundaries, or their own moral code in order to ensure self-preservation and success. Simply put, this is corrupted resiliency. It’s not growth. It’s not success. It’s a shadow of what you could’ve achieved if you had done something not necessarily the right way, but without an infraction upon your sincerity. The takeaway for this late Irrational Health post is that one of the causes of a lack of achievement when a person has accomplished something can generally be attributed to the way in which they obtained that success. Resiliency is great, but if you intend on simply pushing away the little voice in your head, for a lack of a better word, then any success is just simply trophy with no inscription.